Waypoints: Plotting a Course to Calling Onward!


Continuing the course to my call.

The conclusion of my story is hopefully a long way off, so instead of a conclusion, I will put my aspirations for the future and reflect on growth that I need to continue making.  I have finished my education at the M.Div. level and seek a ministry position.  In that job I will need to acculturate myself into that culture.  I will take my time seeking a job and hopefully land wisely in a place where God would want me to be in ministry.   Academically, I desire to continue writing academically for journals and magazines and keep my options open for a Ph.D.  I also look forward to starting a family as well.   I know sooner or later that some options may limit themselves, but I trust God will put me where I want him as long as I seek his call on my life.  (Or I turn into Jonah and I get slammed down where I need to be anyway…)  I would prefer the former and continue sailing towards waypoint over distant horizons knowing that my GPS (God’ Providential Spirit) is going to give me solid course bearings.


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