Waypoints: Plotting a Course to Calling Waypoint 5: Denver Seminary


Waypoint 5 – Denver Seminary, Littleton, CO

            We arrived to Denver, Colorado pleased that our hard work and efforts had paid off in us being able to afford buying a condo at a rate where our monthly mortgage payments were ridiculously cheap.  I took some of this as providence in our ability to find something close to Darcy’s work and my schooling.  I focused on ministry learning in the areas of youth ministry, pastoral ministry and pastoral counseling.  By learning these skills and the intellectual “how-to’s” in ministry I hope to become even more effective as I move into full time ministry.  Increasing my breadth of knowledge is important as I move forward and examine options that may be available to me.  I also have attended my first PDYM conference at Saddleback Church in California, which helped me gain new aspects and ides for carrying this philosophy of ministry into different contexts. Academically, I have also been published for the first time and am working on being published on other articles.  I hope that this will enable me to keep doors open in the realm of getting a PhD in social work someday.    The final area of Seminary is my continued growth in Critical Incident Stress Management.  CISM is a reason that I chose seminary and have worked on being a contributing member and being deployed into the dark areas of people’s lives.

Ken Caryl Church

The church I found is Ken Caryl church, which I chose quickly upon arriving in seminary to get myself aligned with a mentor and pursue the TM program.  Its good because I got a church quickly after I got here, not so good because I feel that after three years, I could be doing a better job in ministry at another church and I’m not sure that this church and it’s preaching aligns with what I believe, and it doesn’t give my wife what she needs.  I practice leadership as a softball coach here, and also work on my biggest vice in coaching and maintaining a level head in ministry and competition.  I am mentoring a college-aged student weekly between two classes on Monday and teaching him how to run a small group.  On Wednesday’s we put what we discussed into practice in a small group of 4 boys.

Denver Hospice

Currently, I am a social worker in hospice hunting my first ministry placement.  My Ministry life has taken my wife and I to Southern Gables Church where we volunteer teach for a young marrieds class co-taught by two other seminary graduates.  I have graduated Denver Seminary and Published my first book, “99 Thoughts for Caring for your Youth Group.” God’s call in my life seems to extend to different age groups although I am particularly fond of the Youth Ministry/College Ministry context.  I am open to wherever God may use my skills as a social worker, minister, pastoral caregiver and crisis clinician.

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