Waypoints: Plotting a course to calling Waypoint 2: Gordon College


Waypoint 2 – Gordon College – Wenham, MA

I started Gordon College with an eye both towards Youth Ministry and Social Work.  During my first few days of on campus I discerned the great amount of time that would be required of me to complete both majors considering already having spent two years at a different college.  Luckily, a vast majority of all my courses transferred from Cortland, but I would need at least 2.5 years to finish one program before hitting the other major.   I thoughtfully chose to pursue my bachelor’s in social work (BSW), as doing so would allow me to complete a MSW in one year with BSW completion.  Later I would to pursue a seminary education and concentrate in the area of youth ministry.   The benefits of focusing on BSW were that I was able to learn counseling skills and social work aptitude well.  These skills benefit my professional career in that I am able to run small groups well, utilize active listening skills and exercise healthy boundaries within a Christian framework.  I was an intern at a boys’ group home and this too enhanced my proficiency in working with adolescents from different backgrounds, dealing with brokenness from their families, schools, selves and peers.  This stage of my development helped me be more concrete in discerning how I can help people in ways that would increase their growth and minimize their manipulation of the system or myself.

During my last semester of college, I met my future wife Darcy.  Which, in some ways, could be considered a piece of calling and enabling placement in a conservative church.  After I graduated from college, I chose to attend a school that was closer to my hometown to get into a nationally ranked clinical social work school.

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