Dodging Bullets: Final Suggestions

Final Suggestions and Resources

–       Keep in the Word.

–       Keep Praying.

–       Be a lifelong learner.  Just because you landed a job, don’t stop reading and studying your craft.

–       Sometimes you need to rethink how you do ministry.  Not everyone is called to be a full time Youth Pastor and that’s okay.  I know many volunteers who are hundreds, er, Thousands of times more effective than their full time counterparts because they have the freedom to just be with kids.  You might want to consider bi-vocational ministry or getting a “real job” and let that bankroll your ministry.

–       I’m sharing these with you so you can hopefully navigate away from these traps.  Realize that every story up there really happened; that these stories all start with people with pure and honest intentions.  Most people aren’t completely involved in one problem area, but they have multiple smaller problems they wrestle with periodically.

–       The best way to avoid many of these traps is by being plugged into a network of other youth workers. National Network of Youth Ministries ( is a prominent one.

–       If you need a mentor, get one (we all do.)  If you have something to offer, be a mentor.

–       For help about a specific problem, check out my resource page, it exists to provide resources to youth leaders who are struggling;

For pastoral care, Simply Youth Ministry has a Soul Care team: @SYMSoulCare on twitter and is also found online here:

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