Book Review: Shrewd


Shrewd:Daring to Live the Startling Command of Jesus by Rick Lawrence is the second of Rick’s Jesus-Centered books where he dives deep into a little known/followed edict of Christ.  The first one was Sifted and it’s review is here.

I found Rick’s book to be an excellent commentary on the paradox that Christians face to be “Shrewd as snakes, innocent as doves.  Rick describes the proclivity for people to always take the frontal approach and not learn aspects of communication and leverage that occur when one take a sideways approach that often yields better results.   He discusses the parable of the shrewd manager to reinforce this biblical concept.

I appreciate that Rick incorporated several stories to reinforce this concept in scriptures and demonstrates how Jesus used leverage rather than ‘frontal-assault’ mode to benefit his ministry and get his point across, rather than a brutal frontal approach.

Rick provides tons of anecdotal evidence of this in modern day life and his stories all strike the point.  I highly recommend this book for all readers.

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