Think Orange: Family

Think Orange continues to emphasize the value of family in the role of the spiritual development in the lives of the children.

Parents have a role that is as critical as the church’s role when it comes to influencing the next generation. We have assigned the color yellow to the church because of its call to illuminate, and we have attached the color red to the family because its role to love and demonstrate God’s character through an unconditional relationship.

The church will average 40 hours a year with children, while parents average 3,000 hours a year with their children. Parents are essential to raising the next generation for Christ.

There are several finer points that are made in this chapter that accentuate the role that the church should take with families.

  • Give Parents a Plan, get the church and family to be proactive and less reactive.
  • Show me how it works. Engage them in the process and help them be engaged in the process.
  • Tell the family what tangible tasks they can do today.

Redefine Spiritual Leadership: as assuming primary responsibility to help kids advance in their spiritual growth.

They do well to accentuate the both/and relationship of this. It is not families taking ownership and lording over the church, or the church lording their roles over parents, but they need to be paired in such a way that they come along side each other to grow families inside the church. This includes having other adults help mentor parents and youth in the church environment.

They finish this chapter by listing four things that every kid needs (rounding out the need for both families and churches)

  1. A really big GOD that they can trust
  2. Another voice saying the same thing Parents say (Stereo v monotone)
  3. Uncommon sense to help them make wise decisions
  4. Nosy Parents who know where their kids are spiritually.

Tomorrow we will cover Think Orange’s five essentials.

(i’ll give you a hint, it’s not program dependent, but worldview dependent.)


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