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Think Orange continues (from yesterday’s blog post) in discussing the church. He builds a strong case that the church has a sacred role that we often wander away from. Using word pictures from the temple, he states that the church maintains the lampstand. In this, the church needs to keep the lamp focused on the bread, that is the word of God.

The lampstand shed light of “shewbread” this shewbread was also called the bread of presence. This bread of presence signifies God’s goodness and provision. When the church neglects this, the church and families suffer. He states our priorities this way:

Our jobs are clear: We have to keep the wicks trimmed, the light burning, and the lampstand in its proper place. If the light begins to dim, we must immediatly move to action. God’s intention is for the churchto be placed strategically in culture in order to show Himself to the world. Anytime the church becomes ineffective in its role to illuminateChrist, it must rekindle and reinvent itself around its core purpose.

He reminds churches that programs and the local church are not sacred. What is sacred is the mission of the Church. Our mission is not to preserve the church, our mission is to be the church. He draws conclusions that the church needs to redefine spiritual leadership in light of this and cut the programs that cause the church to wander away from the bread of life.


Tomorrow we will discuss Think Orange’s view on Family.


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