Book Review: As for Me and My Crazy House

As for Me and My [Crazy] House - Physical


As for Me and My Crazy House

I was asked to review this book by a friend and have been pleasantly surprised by finding a rather strong book that has been broken up into several smaller chapters that are woven together to form an excellent story.  Brian Berry writes on being a healthy youth pastor and how that extends to the family, marriage and himself.  The focus of his book is how his health impacts his marriage and family and is easily translatable to whomever has a marriage and/or a marriage and a family.

Big Idea

The big idea of Berry’s book is that you can’t create a healthy family if your marriage isn’t healthy and you can’t create a healthy marriage if you aren’t a healthy person yourself.  This words rang true throughout this book and helped me see Berry’s perspective in being able to say no to the things he should say no to and yes to the things he says yes to.

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote from this book is as follows where Berry talks about the two extremes of Burning out and Rusting out:

Then, after failing to take care of our soul for so long, never venting our anger, never loving ourselves, and neer dealing with out junk, things heat up, our soul just freezes, and it’s game over.  I’ve heard some proudly say, “I’d rather burn out than than rust out.” Problem is, either way you’re out.

I’ve seen people in all profession and family styles deal with this one.  You can run yourself ragged, or you can be a glutton and not used of yourself or of God.  Either way, you sooner or later are tossed aside like a piece of trash bound for the junk heap.  We need to take care of ourselves before we get disqualified from being part of the race.  An ounce of prevention/maintenance is certainly worth more than a pound of cure.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who has a family, thinking of starting one or is on the path to marriage.  His advice works for both youth ministry and any vocation, so don’t be surprised that it has a youth ministry subtitle.
As for Me and My [Crazy] House - Physical

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  1. Brian Berry says:

    thanks for the review. appreciate the help to spread the word and the encouragement you shared.

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