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What is Digital Kids Initiative?

Digital Kids Initiative is a new program built by the Center for Parent and Youth Understanding to assist with media education to parents, youth workers, parents and anyone else in a spiritual care role for teens.

To Quote Their Website:

The most recent research indicates that the average 8 to 18-year-old in America is engaging with media for 7 hours and 38 minutes a day. Much of their media engagement includes time spent interacting with others via social media technologies that didn’t even exist ten years ago (Facebook, etc.). Today’s children and teens are a “wired” generation. They are constantly connected to their media and their media is constantly connected to them. Because they are at an impressionable and vulnerable age, children and teens are eager and willing to follow a media world that is attractive, pervasive, convincing, and compelling. Media is increasing in influence. In some cases, media is the main socializing and nurturing influence in a child’s life, shaping their worldviews in powerful ways.

What does it Provide?

  • Seminars for parents, youth workers and educators that help them understand the emerging world of media technologies and messages, how media is influencing and shaping their kids and biblically faithful response strategies. Check out our Seminars page for details.
  • The Digital Kids Initiativewebsite offering research, news, handouts, fact sheets and other resources.
  • Other materials including online webinars and tutorials for parents and youth workers.

I’ve known of Walt and CPYU for a few years now and have a high degree of respect for all the products they put out helping us Adults understand teenage culture, and now cyber-culture as well.

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