Winning the Worship Wars.


My current church is going through some changes and the leaders are wrestling with the worship wars. You may know this as the hymn v praise chorus or drums v organ debate. Pastor introduced his thoughts on this especially verses from Psalm 150 where the Psalmist outlines all the different instruments to uplift God on high.

Then he gave his paradigm on how any type of music should be selected for worship services:

  1. Is the song theologically precise?
  2. Is the song singable?
  3. Does the music compliment the text?
  4. Is it logically coherent ?
  5. Is the song god centered and gospel focused?

Adapted from Zach Hicks.


What criteria do you use to select the music you use in church or youth group?

2 Responses to Winning the Worship Wars.

  1. Jerry Varner says:

    We ask one question: “Can you dance to it?”
    Just kidding. We actually recently pulled a song from our list, despite the fact that its a great song. It’s Gungor’s “People of God”. My quandary with it was that it’s directed toward us and not God. It felt like we were singing to ourselves instead of the King. Not such a good feeling, even though the song (musically/lyrically) rocks.
    You’re asking a great question though, and we’ve got to be careful in how we worship. Jesus gave us the criteria: “In spirit and in truth”. Our student ministry generally tries to keep on the front edge of worship music, but still keep a close eye on the theology we’re singing. Many hymns teach theology; actually singing what we believe. There are plenty of “contemporvent” (haha) songs today that seem kind of shallow in comparison. So, I guess our criteria:
    1. Is it truth? (biblically)
    2. Is it good? (musically)
    3. Is it God-focused (directionally)

    • mattmurphy79 says:

      That’s a great point. Probably my number one hangup in worship music, is when I get the distinct feeling we’re worshiping ourselves worship God. Love the list too, very concise and to the point. 🙂

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