Goal Setting


Vision is necessary in all ministry. Vision is what helps you dream and see the potential in yourself and your ministry. Vision will also help you attract leaders and volunteers. Dream big dreams.


Goals should be made to see that your vision takes shape. You can set goals on any time range and often you will make many action steps to accomplish a goal and many goals to accomplish your vision.


Action steps

  • Action steps are those steps that help you accomplish your goal.
  • Action steps need to be led with a verb to ensure you are making actionable progress towards your goal.

Additionally, action steps need to be:

  1. Small. Steps need to be small. That way you can achieve them and move on. Too big and you will be overly frustrated trying to get to the next point. Rather aim for 100 new students in the next year, shoot for 10-20 in the next month and add as needed each month.
  2. Precise. Avoid general words and feeling words. I will do better at ________. Isn’t a good action step. You need to be more precise. How will you be and get better at something. That’s how you formulate
  3. Attainable. Make your action step attainable. Smaller reasonable steps lead to better progress making bigger goals.
  4. Measurable. You need to be able to quantify your goal to be able to make it work for you. While youth ministers often run from numbers like the plague, they can serve to engage you in ministry and help demonstrate what you are trying to accomplish.
  5. Observable. If you can’t see it. It’s harder to measure. While its difficult to measure the spiritual, it’s even more difficult to achieve goals that you can’t see if you’ve made them work or not.


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