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My friend Bill posted a good reminder about assessing yourself and ministry. Here is a clip of his post.


So take a few days to do some spring cleaning of your own in your ministry. Physically clean the junk out of the youth rooms (I hear moving it to the senior saints classroom is wonderful!). Evaluate your volunteers to see who might need to move on, then plan on when to have that difficult conversation. Look to see if there are any programs that might need to end, or at least need some major repair.


This year what are those things that need to be revamped? Among things to consider are:

  1. Your spiritual health. How are you in keeping those disciplines in your life. Things such as prayer, being in the word, being discipled….
  2. Your relationships? how is the relationship between you and your spouse? Kids? family? Friends? Accountability team? Staff? Volunteers?
  3. Your have to’s? What are the things you need to do and have you been slacking off? What can be better planned? What needs to go away in your schedule to make these things happen?
  4. Your vision? Are you spending a few hours a week looking into the future to anticipate transitions, changes, cultural shifts, and everything else you will need to do to keep your ministry running 6 months to a year into the future?

Check out the rest of Bill’s blog here


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