Twitter Love it or Hate it?

Three Pitfalls of Networking with Twitter


The biggest pet peeve I have with twitter is that you get hit with all kinds of messages that are probably not the most appropriate. I go onto my account four or five times a day with the sole purpose of deleting bogus accounts and reporting spammers for spamming me. Some days I wonder if it’s really worth it to engage in this medium.


With over 1500 followers and over 1600 that I’m following my feed is always buzzing. Making it hard to keep up with what I want to keep up with. It also forces me to feel that I need to post my blogs several times a day. I know this has cost me some followers who follow relatively few people. However, the more I tweet, the more hits I do get.


My biggest concern with building a community that’s based on 140 characters, is that it seems to foster shallow community. Things that are worth talking about often require more letters, hence more posts. People can misread a post or only get half the story and not follow the rest of what you are trying to communicate. I prefer deeper conversations that are available on networking sites like Facebook.

Three Reasons to Tweet


Twitter has made me become more frugal with my words. My entire academic career has been about making the most words to say the same exact stuff I could say with half the words. I’ve learned through twitter and my latest writing projects that editors and publishers want word economy. That is say what you mean to say quickly. Get in, Get out. It helps the customer track what you are saying and helps you be clear.


The benefit of twitter is that it is a network that has the capacity to expand rather quickly. While you do pick up some junk along the way, having a public profile and posting about stuff that matters to you draws the attention of those who have like thoughts and passions that you have.


Twitter enables you to find people that you wouldn’t normally come in contact with. (And I’m not just talking about unsolicited pornstar invites). Through twitter I have met several great youth ministry minds and have developed some friendships that lead to great friends at conferences and great mentoring relationships. Everyone has something to add to community. With twitter, your community expands, and in youth ministry that is a good thing.

What is the biggest benefit or pain about Twitter for you?

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