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Youth Worker Leadership Style

If you look around and carefully observe leaders in action, you will notice that different people lead in different ways. Every leader is unique, but some leaders are more effective than others. Effective leaders are responsive to their followers and are able to provide what the team or group needs at the time when they need it.

This tool will help you learn more about your leadership style. The following questions will help you discover your tendencies as you lead. As with any assessment, your results will only be as accurate as the answers you give. Be sure to answer based on who you really are, not who you would like to be or who others think you ought to be.

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Thanks Josh Griffin at for pointing me to this great resource. 

What is your Leadership Style???


Here’s what LeadershipTrek says the five leadership styles are:

Leadership Style Types

  • Balanced Leader

  • Inactive Leader

  • Task Leader

  • Relational Leader

  • Adaptive Leader


My Results:

Your Leadership Style Score:

Relationship Oriented Points: 96
Task Oriented Points: 92

Your Leadership Style

You are an Adaptive Leader.

This chart (above)  shows how your leadership is derived from your leadership score

What it Means:

Here’s what that means:

Adaptive Leader

  • wants the team to perform
  • wants team camaraderie
  • wants to accomplish the goal
  • wants the group to function well
  • concerned for task and relationship
  • is inclusive with leadership responsibilities

At best when:

  • leading high-performance teams
  • people want to grow
  • skilled leadership is needed

Should be aware of:

  • asking too much from people
  • taking on too much
  • neglecting tasks or relationships thinking that minimal effort is enough if they have balanced leadership

My reaction:

I felt that this was rather accurate of who I am. I feel those strengths are my strengths, and I know those weaknesses are mine too.  I know I am prone to burnout and working “too hard.”  Balance is a key that I need to focus on in my life, otherwise, I get into one of those unbalances, of doing too much.  My asking too much from people isn’t as big for me.  I normally ask or expect too much myself.

I love teams, I love achieving goals and I love setting lofty goals and going after them full bore.  Teamwork is a big key and I love building and developing teams, mentoring fellow youth workers is something I’ve loved doing over the past few years.

Small Warning

Tests like this can be easily manipulated if you are not honest with yourself and others.  Like any inventory, it should be weighed in what is your personal reality and have others who know you weigh in and help you balance and check these scores.

What about you?

What kind of leader are you?  What do you think about that?  What is your reaction?


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