What is your Leadership Style


LeaderTreks posted a Leadership Style Assessment Test that you can take for free.  Here’s what it says about this test:


Youth Worker Leadership Style

If you look around and carefully observe leaders in action, you will notice that different people lead in different ways. Every leader is unique, but some leaders are more effective than others. Effective leaders are responsive to their followers and are able to provide what the team or group needs at the time when they need it.

This tool will help you learn more about your leadership style. The following questions will help you discover your tendencies as you lead. As with any assessment, your results will only be as accurate as the answers you give. Be sure to answer based on who you really are, not who you would like to be or who others think you ought to be.

Click This Link to go take your test: http://www.leadertreks.org/leadership-style-assessment/
Thanks Josh Griffin at Morethandodgeball.com for pointing me to this great resource. 

What is your Leadership Style???


Here’s what LeadershipTrek says the five leadership styles are:

Leadership Style Types

  • Balanced Leader

  • Inactive Leader

  • Task Leader

  • Relational Leader

  • Adaptive Leader


I will share my results Sunday, what’s yours?

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