Spirit-Filled Social Work

Spirit Filled Social Work

Recently found: Spirit Filled Social Work, a great blog by @SOWKConfessions.  Here is an excerpt from their latest blog: Spirit Filled Social Work

Understanding the purpose and presence of the Holy Spirit is not something that comes naturally, but through the study of God’s Word. This kind of devotion to a relationship with God requires time and discipline, two things that Social Work students feel overwhelmed by! In the demanding lives that Social Work students lead, making time and modifying schedules for a quiet time or Bible study may seem nearly impossible. However, it is possible to spend 7-15 minutes daily for one week. Take the challenge and find a buddy to hold you accountable to your commitment!

…So many churches and Christian groups can be found at one end of an extreme in this area. There are those who overdramatize the Holy Spirit, whereas others underemphasize and do not acknowledge, understand, or seek answers about Him. Why?

Coming from a conservative Baptist background, I find that sometimes I don’t give enough ‘homage’ or ‘cred’ to the work of the Holy Spirit.  However, I’ve seen it’s work and it’s providence.  It should not be a member of the Trinity we overlook.

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