#SYMC Last Session 2012


Tim Timmonds
If you want to pray for revival. Draw a three foot circle on the floor and get inside it. Then pray for all inside the circle.

Tony Miles
Discouragement in ministry. God had called him to his church. Tony knew it.

Serve the Lord as you are there.

You are his witnesses Acts 1.
Hebrews 11. Tortured persecuted ad mistreated. The world isn’t worthy. But the persecuted church goes through more than us.

Tim Heist
That student, apathetic jaded. We celebrate wins. But we don’t see the fruit of those lives. Challenged by a student. We eat fruit bit but are given fruit snacks. Hang on to discipleship and relationships. Notice when to celebrate fruit snacks.

Rick takes the stage
@rickskip on twitter.

John 20:22
Jesus showed him his hands and his side. As the father sent me I also send you. He breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit.

We need Jesus to breathe in our nostrils. We need to not make it happen. We need the Holy Spirit. There is a great wrestling match between trusting God and making it happen. The tension.

Bernelli’s Principle. You can blow with more than just the air in your lungs.

What do you notice btw the two approaches between doing it yourself and trusting God to make it happen?

How do you respond to these two approaches.? (counterintuitive)

Rick asked his Assoc. pastor in the church. Amos 5:4 Seek God and Live. You will know by seeking God how much you will put in and how much God will do.

Kurt Johnston
Spoofs iPad in sermon. Takes his crumpled out paper as a Jr High Pastor.

The most important thing as a communicator. Is their shoes. The worse your physical presence the less you are being heard.

The higher the stakes. The more we Fret. How can we keep everything healthy. If we are too careful we work to hard to make a perfect balance and give it perfect margin.

Often we live to fix the imbalance but fret the misery in ministry.

Our lives look like.


When we embrace the mess we admit we cannot balance everything on our own! We need to trust God to breathe into me and figure out.

Adding to John Acuff. Christians love the footprints poem. We love it.

Josh griffin footprints poem.

The poets message is almost right. Our life’s picture should only have on set of footprints. Two sets is Jesus footprints makes Jesus our buddy. It leaves the opportunity to do things our own way. To stress fret etc. only one set is needed. You need to be carried into our friendships our marriage our families and our ministries. We need to be totally dependent on God.

The challenge is to put ourselves in a position that is fully reliant on God. Breathe in deeply and breathe out generously the love of the heavenly father. Always letting him walk his way.

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