#SYMC General Session 5

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Josh Griffin Airtime

I wish I knew:


Stories of hurt. Pain. What I wish I knew how foolish things turned bad. But sounded good at the time.

I didn’t know
God would use me in the lives of teens.
I would find gods calling.
What God has coming next.
God was working behind the scenes.

Ido know he’s doing the same for us in our lives

Jeffrey Wallace


Run the race. Perspective is priceless. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Today is what you have.

Set goals important vs Urgent. Oxygen mask us yours first on the plane. You can’t give what you don’t have.

The race is a marathon not a sprint.

Skit Guys

We are God’s masterpiece. Ephesians 2. We are God’s Masterpiece.


20120304-195916.jpgJamie Grace

Derwin Gray
Cultivating the Garden of Your Soul

1) You were not born to be a student leader
I was not born to be a pastor or to preach and you were not born to be a student ministry pastor. we were born To worship and adore Jesus. /strong>It is that which should define us. Not the former.

It not for the pastor to grow the youth group it’s up to the Holy Spirit.

Paul says I count all things as loss compared to Christ. Not the YP w the biggest budget group or facilities !!!!

2) Your identity is found in being a beloved Child of God

We can’t do anything to eclipse te Love of God. our youth ministries can be idols to false Gods.

3) Your Marriage is Priority over Ministry

Believing otherwise is Narcissism. Jesus doesn’t need you to diss your family.

4) Have a high view of people.
All are due glory honor and respect. Love is not being a doormat. Love is seeing God in a students life and helping them see themselves as part of God’s story.

If he rose from the dead why are we so afraid of the world.

5) Have wise people speak into your life.

Pick wise people to help you.

6) Be a Learner.

7) Keep short accounts

Don’t forgive based on their actions. But based on Jesus. Reaction to us!!!

8) Exercise, Eat Healthy and Rest

We are temple of the Holy Spirit.

You can good at ministry without Jesus.

How is your heart? How is your soul? Is it a garden or is it an overgrown mess?

Ended with an altar call. Prayed for 6 souls. Pray for them too,please.

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