Blog Birthday: One Year of Engaging The Shadows

While I had a rather unofficial blog for a while now, at last year’s Simply Youth Ministry Conference I decided to start blogging in earnest and continue on this track as long as I can.  I’ve included my top posts for the past year (3 per month) to both celebrate where I’ve been and give some of my newer readers a chance to look back into the past year!

Top Posts on Engaging the Shadows Year 1

  1. Ministry Idea: Non-Peak Season Can Drive

  2. Resources

  3. Top Ten things I learned from the Skitguys at SYMC

  4. 10 Qualities of a Professional Youth Pastor (1-5)

  5. About Me

  6. What the Church can learn from JoePa and Penn State

  7. Institutional Sexism and Para-Church Youth Ministry

  8. What should an Ideal Pastor’s wife Be???

  9. Youth Ministry and Creating Change

  10. Home

  11. Dark Places

  12. My Testimony

  13. 10 Qualities of a Professional Youth Pastor (6-10)

  14. Response to Failed Modern Youth Ministry

  15. My Current Reading List

  16. Sermons

  17. Product Review: Producteev

  18. 15 Warning Signs of Sexual Sins

  19. Philosophy

  20. Youth Ministry Burnout Testimony.

  21. Concerns about the Future of Youth Ministry

  22. Book Review: Family Driven Faith

  23. Teen Mom and the Abstinence Argument

  24. New Resource: 99 Thoughts on Caring for your Youth Group

  25. The Evils of a Stereotypical Youth Pastor

  26. Professionalism in Youth Ministry Series: The Good, Bad and Ugly

  27. SYM Soul Care (Excellent Resource)

  28. Valentines Hashtag #MWIA

  29. Intersection of Social Work Practice and Youth Ministry


  31. “Wal-Mart People”

  32. Guest Post: Soul Care for Youth Workers: Being a Leader During a Season of Grieving

  33. Book Review: Story Signs and Sacred Rhythms: A Narrative Approach to Youth Ministry

  34. My Current Book Wishlist.

  35. Product Review: MindNode

  36. 5 Ways to Grow at SYMC

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