#symc live blog. Session 3


Shane and Shane and John Acuff tonight.


Darren Sutton stands on the podium to reminds us not to throw in the towel.

What are you gonna use as a tourniquet to tie the heart off with when she gets her heart broken by the same guy 6 times.

Katie Sutton takes stage as a youth pastors wife. It’s not in our control. Uses a ballon excellently to show how we are deflated and our family can get damaged. Our spouse needs to be checked in so you can experience the full joy of marriage.

When is the last time you were concerned with your First Ministry. Your spouse! (to pastors)

Kurt Johnston discussing group mission trips.

skit guys rock.

John Acuff Blogger Stuff Christians Like

He tries to use satire to clear away the garbage to see the real beauty of Christ.

Jesus juke. The christian version of a Debbie Downer Moment. 🙂

John Acuff

Voices of Fear and Voices of Doubt

External (The Haters)
1 insult plus 1000 compliments = one insult. We struggle to get the good ideas in but vex on the few bad reviews.

Critics math makes stadiums of supporters invisible. We run to twitter traps because someone is “saying bad things about us”

Internal Voices
Internal voices are often negative. Fear will only give you a free pass when your doing nothing that matters.

Digital footprint conversations are replacing birds and the bees conversations.

Perfection is a dream we chased. We need to trust God in our imperfection.

Gods glory isn’t contingent on the success of your ministry.

The alpha and the omega of the universe knows your name. That’s all the fame you need.

Never compare your beginning to somebody’s middle.

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