Live Blog. Session 2.


Tim Timmons kicking off his worship set with Doxology.

Josh griffin and Jason Ostrander starting off with this service.

What was the most amazing thing yesterday?

Heather Flies gets airtime. “Perfect Baptist Girl”. Why God? Am I still single? Psalm 34 3-7. Trust in the Lord. Do good, dwell. Stay where you are until directed elsewhere. Trust the Lord and do good. Leads to no regrets when you move on.

God is working. Trust him

Rick Lawrence on stage

Breathing. In good out bad. We need to focus on breathing good air. When we breathe bad air it effects our whole lives. It can give life or give poison.

We reflect like mirrors. We reflect both good and bad.

Mirrors. We like being known but don’t like being that vulnerable. What we get reflected back might not be pleasant.

Deep personal leveraging points of pain. We are surrounded by many reflections. Our Father should be the clearest mirror. God our Father is the only perfect mirror.

We breathe and suck in toxins from Arron’s us and they do damage.

1 Corinthians 13:12. We see in a mirror dimly. But then we will see Face to Face.

The wicked witch has a mirror who tells her who is the fairest. The mirror is most powerful. We choose what mirrors to look into which to ignore. How do we choose?

Jesus asks “who do you say I am?”

Take some time.

Who do others say I am?

Who do those I trust say I am?

Who do I say I am?

Who does God say I am?

Craig Ross
Pure Sex. New bible study. We need to engage youth on these topics. We need to engage our own soul in ministry.

Sexual healing on YouTube. Poem.

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