Live Blog #SYMC session one

Half an hour til opening session of SYMC. Will be updating here periodically


About to get our worship on w Shane and Shane. 3 minutes to go


“there is liberty”
“Jesus I trust in You”

Skit guys are coming.


Brian Berry – Discouragement is not of the Lord.

Brooklyn Lindsey- You need to be empty so I can fill you.

Francis Chan

Francis Chan — youth ministry is huge — all that I learned from ministry I learned from my youth pastor.

Francis Chan killing it poking fun of his self and his ego. Emphasizing the work of God is greater and more providential than we could ever imagine.

Your God is in control. You don’t matter as much as you think you do. FC

Even the power of God will work in them or nothing will happen!

3000 on day of Pentecost didn speak in tongues because James and John And Peter did something clever!!!

Prayers and Faithfulness are the only weapons we really have.

Psalm 27:4 one thing I have I asked of the Lord one I will seek after. To dwell in the house of the Lord forever

What would it look like if we were handed a transcript of our prayers for the last month?

John 14:12 ……whatever you ask in my name I will do……

Do you have the faith to do beyond what you can do???

Have the faith I a centurion. You can be miles away and God can be working in your home church.

His daughter preformed a solo of a song she wrote. Very moving.

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  1. Jeremy Smith says:

    Love it! Thanks for the live blogging. Didn’t have a change to watch the stream, but feel included!

  2. mattmurphy79 says:

    Thanks! I hope you find it useful. Feel free to share any pro blogger insights you have 🙂

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