#SYMC Resource: 99 Thoughts for Caring for your Youth Group

99 Thoughts on Caring for Your Youth Group



99 Thoughts on Caring for Your Youth Group



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Being a youth worker means being more than a babysitter or a chaperone. It means walking with teenagers through the exciting and challenging times, the highs and lows of the teenage years. Approaching ministry with this mindset means you will find yourself in a wide range of significant moments in students’ lives. Are you prepared?

Veteran youth worker Matt Murphy and seminary professor Brad Widstrom have teamed up to write 99 Thoughts on Caring for Your Youth Group and offer a wealth of practical tools, tips, and techniques to help you become a youth worker who is equipped to care for teenagers from the coffee house to the crisis moments. Their thoughts are divided into five categories:

  • Created to Care (Who You Are As a Caregiver)

  • Skilled to Care (Equipping Yourself As Caregiver)

  • Caring Lifestyle (Routine Care)

  • Specific Interventions (Significant Issues)

  • Skilled Response (Crisis Moments)

Investing in your role as a caregiver will multiply your impact in the lives of teenagers, free you to know that God will strengthen you during difficult ministry moments, and encourage you to see yourself as someone who can make a lasting difference.

Brad and I are happy to provide this resource to youth workers and we hope that it gives youth workers from rookie volunteers to seasoned vets tips, techniques and theory that will equip them to love on their youth!

It’s down in the bookstore this week at #SYMC

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