Distance Education in Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry and Education

For many of us pursuing vocational youth ministry as well as participating in lay youth ministry, finding education and information can be difficult.  If you are just looking for information distance education can be a great option.  More schools are offering distance education courses that will suit your needs.

On the other hand, if you are just looking to sharpen your skillset, learn about youth culture or just trying to broaden your horizons there are many options online that can help you engage in learning more about the how-to’s of youth ministry.  I will list several ways and opportunities below.

If you aren’t doing something weekly to grow, you are squandering opportunities to maximize your impact for your youth group.

Distance Education Through College/Seminaries

There are several opportunities to attend online college and seminary, not every place will offer youth ministry, but you can also take courses in theology, Bible and leadership: Below are some links for you: (please feel free to add courses or topics that also work…

Dallas Theological Seminary

Denver Seminary

Gordon-Conwell Seminary (look for semlink)

Liberty University

iTunes U

Many opportunities to Listen in on Classes or segments of classes.  Non-credit, but you still learn… Keep in mind the doctrine of institutions sometimes varies and teaching skills also vary.

Dallas Theological Seminary

Fuller Theological Seminary

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Liberty University (found iTunes U to be weaker than most)

Many of these schools also have Chapel Podcasts.  You get to listen into their chapel services, still a great tool for refreshment.


These are normally put on by groups or organizations.  You can search them for almost anything, and anyone can put one on.  So, be cautious unless you know who is doing it and they are reliable.  Here are a few I like:

Simply Youth Ministry Show AUDIOVIDEO

Youth Ministry Garage AUDIO VIDEO


Blogs are a dime a dozen, so be careful which ones you pick.  But there are many out there.   Some are on the right sidebar of this page.  Others I have made in this LINK

Distance Mentorships

Mentorships tend to be a more intimate way of learning.  It can be focused and tailored more to your needs. Here are a couple that I’m aware of.  I am a part of LISM’s mentor team.

Life in Student Ministry

Terrance Crawford




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