Beloved on Valentines Day in Song of Solomon

Song of Songs

Been reading Song of Songs (or Solomon) lately. There are several things that jump out at me. Most vividly is the discourse between Solomon and His Beloved. This Song is also of one between God and His People. This allegory represents that God Loves You!

Poor Self Worth

The unnamed bride to be in this story identifies herself as one who has been hated and despised by her own kind. That she has had to work long hours in the fields and as a result she has been burnt by the sun and has not taken care of herself as one would expect of a woman and a prospective princes. (Back then tan was a sign of poverty, fair skinned was beauty…).


Remember this when dealing with the one you love. Men, be careful to use your words to affirm and encourage, not discourage. They already, most likely, feel the way that this woman does in this story. As ugly as can be and of no earthly value.


We sometimes see ourself this way before our heavenly father. As the bride of Christ, we have no real claim to beauty or perfection, but in the eyes of Christ we are and are being made into the perfect bride.

Love Everlasting


Like the intimacy that this couple feels, espouse and develop that between your spouse and yourself. This only happens by spending quality time with each other. The intimacy that they share is more of lust, but of emotional, intellectual and proximal closeness. Don’t forsake that time together to be with the one you love. Despite the flaws that are there, bring your spouse to your banqueting table, that is a place of celebration and love and where the best is given unabashedly.


Despite our flaws, and the obviousness of them even to the one who loves us. God’s banner over us is Love. You are Loved and are God’s beloved. When the world tells you you aren’t good enough, remember this promise and His faithfulness to bring you to that place of celebration and intimacy with one who loves you more than anyone on earth could ever dream.

Entering into Eternal Love


The seals in chapter 8 talk of making the bonds between you and your beloved endure and that they should be strong as death itself. (for who can beat it, except Christ). Be jealous of your love for each other and guard your vows that you made to each other. When you allow love to rule in your life, nothing can overcome it.


Remember this lesson, that whenever we leave our beloved, that God is a jealous God, and justly so. For we give ourselves away to trite things and leave the biggest love standing at the altar. May that never be! Remember and keep your vows and God in the place He needs to be in your life.

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