True Confessions of a Youth Worker: Complete Inadequacy

I think it started during the SYMC general session at the end of Ruth Halley Barton’s talk.  We were encouraged to pray a prayer which I have in full in an earlier post.  I started to feel something about my ministry, calling, and aspirations.  I really haven’t figured it out until tonight’s small group.    It can be summed up entirely in one word:  INADEQUACY

This weeks lesson was on John 8, the setting: Pharisees attempting to bait Jesus (yet again), into condemning a woman stands accused of various crimes.  Demanding a verdict, the Pharisees armed with (most likely valid) accusations, badgered Jesus into condemning this woman for her crimes.  Jesus stooped down… **STOP**

This is where I put myself into the place of the woman:

  • caught without excuse or vindication
  • condemned by my actions (or lack thereof)
  • guilty without any hope of salvation

Jesus just stoops there, scribbling on the ground.  All I can do is stand there, condemned by my own conscience and the accusations of those posing to be holier than I.   Knowing of my own unfaithfulness and impossibility to measure up to God’s standard, the best I am able to feel is completely inadequate.

It is most likely the feeling that John felt, who when identifying Christ, exclaimed that he was unworthy to untie the straps on his sandals.  In that moment John too felt his complete inadequacy.

Then Paul comes through acknowledging him to is Completely Inadequate, as a Jar of Clay, whose only recourse was to rely on the treasure of Christ he had within them.

Maybe, Just Maybe, God has chosen the Completely Inadequate to be used of God.  So as youth workers, we need to cling to our Inadequacy before the Cross of Christ.

For it is when we cling to that Cross, we are relieved of our sin, yet remaining fully inadequate and Christ gives us permission to Go and Follow Him.

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