SYMC is a conference for youth workers, put on by youth workers.  I would highly recommend attending this conference for several reasons.

  • Most Genuine People on the Planet

I attended last year for the first time ever.  I don’t think I had as many quality conversations with as many youth workers before in my life.  From those who were “working” to the speakers to other attenders, I shared meals, had great conversations with practically everyone I met.  (The one that was boring, well actually was a manikin in the shop, oops).

  • It really is put on by youth workers, not some company that just wants to entertain you…

I got to attend a massive brainstorming session with 70-100 other youth workers at Group’s headquarters.  It was a solid effort and hard work by everyone who attended.  Listing ideas and using feedback that was given last year to help mold a youth workers conference that is truly geared to help youth workers out.

  • Get Loved ON

Simply Youth Ministry really does love on youth workers, pastors, etc…  They have a shelter for those of you who come hurting and need some dedicated time to spend healing from the hurts of youth ministry.

Not only can this happen during the conference, but this service is made available 24/7/365 via the website and the twitter account: @SYMSoulCare.  Even if you don’t use the shelter at the conference, you will meet some people and get refreshed either way.

  •   Last But Not Least:

They have a pretty cool Lineup.  This lineup is made up of respected people in the ministry world as well as front line youth workers.  The balance they show in recruiting people is great.

Hope to see you there… Still working on some details to get out there March 2-5, 2012.


To Register, Go online (link above) or call Matty:  Tell him “SYM CLOVES IT 3” and ask him what it means… (His number is on the bottom of this page.)

 Lowest Tier Registration Ends 1/16!  🙂 (but even after then it’s still worth it…)

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