Marriage 4: Empowerment


What does power look like?

 Acts 1:8. You will recieve power via holy spirit.  Empowerment is the spirit of love and service.  It comes from an other person first mindset.  You need to be empowered via the holy spirit to find the Love it takes to make a marriage work.

Marriage is Like living in California.  If there is a fault don’t live there.  We lose our will and drive to empower the other when all we see are the fault lines and all we dwell on are faults, nothing can be built well.  If you build on areas where you have less faults and they have less faults, you can build a better marriage.


Enabling others to build more than one dimensional images.  Not just a stay at home parent and a working parent.  But variety and display.  The primary purpose in life may not just be support the other.  The out front needs to honor the one who is less profile.  Empower the other to be more than who they are currently.  Be sacrificial to enable the other to become better and bigger than who they are currently.  Enable them to serve, be and do.


Biblical Empowerment

Phil 2. Power is always there for serving.  The way to help the other feel empowered, is to see to and serve their needs.  The more you view from the others perspective the better your marriage will run in the long haul.

Going out of the bottom half of your tank.  We often expect life, etc to be lived to the full, always having your tank filled, always energized, etc.  Sometimes getting by is a great thing.  Just getting by means your still doing it, not that you’re a miserable failure.  Don’t catastrophicize your current state of affairs.  Keep working hard through your marriage and accept that some stages in your marriage are not meant to be run with your gas tank even half full… 🙂



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