Marriage Series 3: Intimacy


Society puts Sex before or misplaces it for intimacy.  We work in backwards way of human intimacy and it works differently in Marriage as Well.  .


Real life marriage. 

1. Passion and desire  (until the first child comes)


2. Sacrifice and duty. Eph5:25. Sacrifice for each other.  Sacrifice can seem endless.  But endless sacrifice then can kill intimacy also


3. Friendship.  Living life together in pursuit of common goals. Mutual respect. Give and take.  Servants don’t know their masters business you are my friends.  Jn 15:15


James 2:23 refer to Abraham. Abraham was called gods friend.


what does it means to be friends.

Intimacy for its own sake can be a god. Ie sensation of intimacy. That if something isn’t there you think it is there. Like musical ecstasy for worship service, you can get caught up in any type of music and it makes you feel like you are worshipping, but in reality, you are getting a high off of music.


Does marriage grow beyond friendship into intimacy but beyond intimacy into friendship.  If we cannot develop friends in the real world how can we develop marriage in the real world?  If you don’t know how to make friends, it is impossible for you to make a marriage.



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