Money Matters: Parents not comfortable teaching kids about money

Parents uncomfortable discussing money with their kids. Reading through my blogs, and news apps, I discovered this article from Forbes giving details of a survey of why Parents don’t teach their kids about money matters.  Here’s an excerpt of their … Continue reading

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CPYU’s Digital Kids Initiative

                What is Digital Kids Initiative? Digital Kids Initiative is a new program built by the Center for Parent and Youth Understanding to assist with media education to parents, youth workers, parents and … Continue reading

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Coping through a Miscarriage

One of the hardest things in life is to live through a miscarriage. All of the joy, expectation, hope, attention on you and your family suddenly and dramatically turn into a nightmare that few could only dream about. Whether you … Continue reading

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Winning the Worship Wars.

  My current church is going through some changes and the leaders are wrestling with the worship wars. You may know this as the hymn v praise chorus or drums v organ debate. Pastor introduced his thoughts on this especially … Continue reading

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Spring ministry cleaning @ymconvobill

    My friend Bill posted a good reminder about assessing yourself and ministry. Here is a clip of his post.   So take a few days to do some spring cleaning of your own in your ministry. Physically clean … Continue reading

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Goal Setting

Vision Vision is necessary in all ministry. Vision is what helps you dream and see the potential in yourself and your ministry. Vision will also help you attract leaders and volunteers. Dream big dreams. Goals Goals should be made to … Continue reading

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Spirit-Filled Social Work

Spirit Filled Social Work Recently found: Spirit Filled Social Work, a great blog by @SOWKConfessions.  Here is an excerpt from their latest blog: Spirit Filled Social Work Understanding the purpose and presence of the Holy Spirit is not something that … Continue reading

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Twitter Love it or Hate it?

Three Pitfalls of Networking with Twitter SPAMALOT The biggest pet peeve I have with twitter is that you get hit with all kinds of messages that are probably not the most appropriate. I go onto my account four or five … Continue reading

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Guest Post: I Need to Protect Myself from Myself

This article has been looming within my heart for weeks now.  What I am about to share with you stems from truthfully months of conversations, prayers, frustrations, victories, hard questions, hard answers, and God’s grace.  My trip to SYMC has … Continue reading

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Your Leadership Style by @Leadertreks

Youth Worker Leadership Style If you look around and carefully observe leaders in action, you will notice that different people lead in different ways. Every leader is unique, but some leaders are more effective than others. Effective leaders are responsive … Continue reading

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