Top Ten things I learned from the Skitguys at SYMC

Top Ten things I learned from the Skitguys at SYMC 1)  You can fit, a smurf, giant smurfs, an oversized teenager, and luggage covered by a blue tarp into the same skit. 2)  Nothing beats having a lifelong friend. 3) … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Priority Numero Uno

Bryson shares his heart in this weeks Guest Post.  His insignt can help us grown in ministry.   Every week I go to the high school and elementary school for lunch. Sometimes the lunches are pretty good and sometimes they … Continue reading

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Messiness of Group Processing

Last week I spent three days with a team of youth workers who were asked by Group to come out and help lay a foundation of how to improve and how to execute SYMC 2012. Here are a few of my reflections on the group process there. (meaning how we did in our cells of people talking about the same thing, not how Group, the ministry, handled it’s guests.

Process is Messy

I loved the fact that there were sooo many passionate people in my group (soul care). Grateful that they were on the team and on board with the vision of providing excellent soul care. However, it quickly became clear that group process is a very messy product even when involving highly motivated and highly intelligent people.

Vision Vs. Solution

One point that I know we all were caught up in doing was jumping to solution sets even when it was time to just sit and visioneer what our work group was all about. We were assigned to Guest Care. Which includes welcoming, prayer areas and the Shelter (pastoral care). Loved these areas. Our group did very well even when we were solution focused to pull back and say, wait, this section was meant to just talk about the vision for this group. We kept going back and forth between vision and solution, there was a good mix of accountability and frustration, but we got to where we were going, Not sure if we nailed a strong vision among all the problem solving.

Solution Focused

Our group was very solution focused. Makes sense considering the crowd I was in. People who are extremely talented, extremely driven and extremely in love and passionate about caring for other youth pastors. These youth workers, when confronted with a problem could easily brainstorm a dozen solutions to that problem. Sometimes this was a great thing, sometimes it kept us from getting a single answer down on paper. I think we finally got a few solution sets down on paper for Kami and gang… but that took a lot of effort.

Charity outweighs everything

When doing group process, you need to realize that your sense of charity needs to be multiplied by five. People are processing from their areas of hurt, concern, success and failures. They don’t want to be burned or get burned at the same time they want what is best. Sometimes that takes the form of being a little argumentative, (I like to call it deliberating). When you have a group that’s dedicated to each other and the purpose, you can have a greater level of charity and make progress. I think groups like this fail when the level of charity is overwhelmed by self-centeredness. I was bless that this was not the case in our group. I loved getting to know my team and am hopeful for the future.

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Growing Edges in Youth Ministry

Over the past few months I’ve noticed a growing trend of articles written about how youth ministry needs to change.  Some from insiders and some from outsiders.  Funny thing is, that many of these changes that people outside of youth … Continue reading

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10 Qualities of a Professional Youth Pastor (6-10)

This is the second of two posts on being a professional youth pastor.  I’ve engaged in this to help understanding of what a Good Youth Pastor is verses being the stereotypical youth pastor that gives us bad names.     … Continue reading

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10 Qualities of a Professional Youth Pastor (1-5)

After spending time this week refuting the idea that Modern Youth Ministry Süks, and what makes  a bad youth worker, I’ve decided to spend two days on the attributes of a good, professional youth worker.  I haven’t ordered this list … Continue reading

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