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Is Loving Teens Enough?

Some people say… Loving teens is enough for youth ministry to do.  Just get there, love on them and allow the incarnation of Christ in you to work the crowd and HE will be KNOWN by your actions.  Some will … Continue reading

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32nd Trip Around the Sun! A Year in Review

Year in Review: Today caps off another 365 days of the life of Matt Murphy.  Wanted to spend today’s blog just thinking and reflecting on this past year.  Much has happened. November 2010: Busy working Hospice and going to Seminary.  … Continue reading

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Communion: Christian Community and Solidarity

Remembrance: I’ve been focusing lately on the song by Matt Maher.  It’s called Remembrance.  It is a song that focuses on the ordinance of communion.  Below is the first few stanza’s of his song: Oh, how could it be That … Continue reading

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Youth Ministry Burnout Testimony.

My Friend Jeremy Shares on Burnout. If you need someone to talk with regarding burnout, please contact our friends at Simply Soul Care. Or Tweet to @SYMSoulCare

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Monday Morning Quarterback

View from the bleachers I sometimes play the part of a Monday Morning Quarterback.  In youth ministry, this also happens to be on Monday, after all, it is our biggest day of ministry during the week, and we also get … Continue reading

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Great Resource: Guy Talk Girl Talk

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Product Review: MindNode

MindNode: MindNode is a Mac App that works primarily on desktop, but there are iPhone and iPad versions.  MindNode is organization and flow chart technology that enables you to create flow charts and brainstorming of ideas/visions in a manner that … Continue reading

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Institutional Sexism and Para-Church Youth Ministry

The Glass Ceiling This is the term used by many to describe why many women and minorities fail to rise above certain ranks.  Over time women and minorities have made progress (often minorities before women) to advance to the higher … Continue reading

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Choosing a Mentor

No perfect fit. While I’d like to think there was a perfect mentor for everyone in every situation, I’ve come to realize their isn’t.  What I can say, is that there are different mentors that people need throughout their lives … Continue reading

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