#6 Top Ten Things I Learned in Seminary – Spiritual Disciplines are Essential

#6- Spiritual Disciplines are Essential. Entering Seminary I heard tales of Seminary becoming a Cemetery of ones passion and spiritual vitality. At the end of Seminary, I think this is totally possible.  But it is not the Seminary’s Fault when … Continue reading

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#7 Top Ten Things I Learned in Seminary-Mentorship is Essential for Longevity in Ministry

#7- Mentorship is Essential For Longevity In MinistryThere are two ways mentorship is essential to longevity in ministry.  One is being a mentee, the other is being a mentor. As a Mentee: Being mentored helps you learn as you find … Continue reading

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#8 Top Ten Things I Learned in Seminary – Good Mentors Are Hard To Find

#8- Good Mentors Are Hard To Find. Mentors and people who can feed into your life are important to have when one is in ministry.  In ministry, finding a person or two who can feed directly in your life is … Continue reading

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#9 Top Ten Things I Learned in Seminary Network with other Godly Ministers

#9- Network with Other Godly Ministers. As iron sharpens iron, so does one sharpen another… I think this was the biggest challenge for me during my seminary years.  It was a learning that when in ministry, you need to network with … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things I Learned in Seminary #10-Attending Seminary Won’t Make You More Called

For my last week of Seminary, I’ve decided to reflect on the top ten things that I’ve learned these last four years.   #10- Attending Seminary Won’t Make You More Called. Observing myself and my classmates these four years, I’ve … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Mother’s Day

My Thoughts on Mother’s Day and  Why I Have the Best Mom  Prov. 31:28 Her children rise up and bless her;  I’m normally reserved and try to keep my blog on topic, but I was thinking about My own mother … Continue reading

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…But the ministry NEEDS ME…

There is a bit of an ego massage when someone “needs us” desperately and there’s a sense of urgency in us being there. Some call it a “Messiah complex” It says were the only ones who can do the job … Continue reading

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Christianity, Usama and the Rob Bell Controversy

Greetings! As many of you know I’ve been doing research on youth ministry blogging.  Part of my hypothesis is that one could attract someone with a really snappy title based on some controversy and drive pageviews up on their website. … Continue reading

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Top Ten Posts for April

My largest post had to do with an ethnography of the youth ministry blogosphere.  I am working hard on completing the research and will be posting the results over the next few weeks.  Youth Ministry Bloggers Survey Top Ten things … Continue reading

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