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Hi! I'm Matt, a 14 year veteran of youth ministry. I have a MSW from Adelphi U and a M.Div. from Denver Seminary. I am very passionate about helping youth and youth workers navigating Dark Places in their lives.

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Teen Mom, Abstinence and Pornography

Watching Teen Mom over the past few weeks had led me to several observations regarding this show.  I’ve heard some say that this show promotes promiscuity and gives teen girls the hope that they can be a “reality TV star” … Continue reading

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Fleeing Temptation: Escaping to a life free of Pornography and other addiction

Flee   1Cor. 6:18 Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. Run don't walk away from this temptation. Figure out when are your … Continue reading

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ENTER TO WIN! iPad Mini and Accordance Bible Software!!!

STEP 1 Watch this Video   Step 2: CLICK THIS LINK AND ENTER TO WIN

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Pornography’s effects on addict’s wives

Pornography has a devastating effect on marriages. Wives who discover their husband’s addiction encounter several reactions such as: – feel betrayed. – Feel ugly. – Feel not good enough. – Lost trust in husband/men in general. – Feel they have … Continue reading

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Your Brain on Porn

Your Brain on Porn is a “secular” resource but offers compelling reasons why pornography (and also multiple sexual partners) is bad for you.   For more resources from this site click here.

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15 Warning Signs of Sexual Sins

I got this handout in class, the notes are by Keith Drury based on his work counseling pastors who have fallen into sexual sin.  Below is his self test going from the “shallow end” to “deep end” (read in, Slow … Continue reading

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How to get a service member home after a loved one dies.

Next of Kin If the next of kin of a service member dies, the Red Cross needs to be notified of the passing of the loved one so they can act as a liaison between you and the military.  The … Continue reading

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Rick Lawrence’s Sifted and Shrewd $1.99 ea

Two of Rick Lawrence’s books are on sale through the end of the month in their e-book versions.  I am linking my reviews for both of these books, which I highly recommend. Shrewd Shrewd Link My review can be found … Continue reading

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Links from Ministering To Teens in a “Porn is the Norm” Culture

  I had the privilege of being a room host for Simply Youth Ministry Conference’s track run by Walt Mueller entitled “Ministering to Teenagers in a “Porn is the Norm” Culture.” Walt shared many resources which I wish to pass … Continue reading

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Goals for 2013: February Progress

I made a series of Goals for 2013 Goals were broken up into writing, personal and professional.  Below I’ll list my goals and share where they are at so far this year. Goals for upcoming year: Writing: [ ]        Get … Continue reading

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