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Hi! I'm Matt, a 14 year veteran of youth ministry. I have a MSW from Adelphi U and a M.Div. from Denver Seminary. I am very passionate about helping youth and youth workers navigating Dark Places in their lives.

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Recap on Goals from 2013.

2 year break from blogging I’ve had a 2 year, 2 month break from blogging… basically covers my last few months in Denver and move to Maine and continuing career in Clinical Social Work while my calling as a youth … Continue reading

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After a long break, I’m returning to starting this blog up again… This past year has been challenging and I’ll write some about that and my experiences post-seminary, post-seminary job hunt and the field in which I landed, Home based … Continue reading

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Remembering Columbine

14 Years Ago, the innocence of school was lost.  12 Students, 1 Teacher and 2 Gunmen’s lives were lost (yes the gunmen matter to God also). Columbine Today from Toni DeAztlan on Vimeo. I wasn’t there, but have the privilege … Continue reading

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Goals for 2013: March Progress

I made a series of Goals for 2013 Goals were broken up into writing, personal and professional.  Below I’ll list my goals and share where they are at so far this year. Goals for upcoming year: Writing: [X]        Get Published … Continue reading

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Prayer for My Life

In a general session at Simply Youth Ministry Conference 2013, the speaker, either Jason Ostrander or Rick Lawrence , suggested that we ask God what to pray.  A simple sentence came to mind and I spent the next bit of … Continue reading

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Top Ten Posts from March 2013

Links from Ministering To Teens in a “Porn is the Norm” Culture Your Brain on Porn Pornography’s effects on addict’s wives 5 Apps for Managing Youth Ministry What should an Ideal Pastor’s wife Be??? 10 Qualities of a Professional Youth … Continue reading

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10 Ways Committees Fail 8-10

8. Lack of Leadership. Committees still need leaders.  Leadership in committees looks different.  (Perhaps this is an entirely different blog post for another time.)  Leaders who are good at listening, restating, and building a healthy consensus before moving on help … Continue reading

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10 Ways Committees Fail 4-7

4.  Lack of Goals Lack of Goals do two things to a committee 1) make it aimless, which in turn kills any real progress.  2) Makes committee members lose interest in the committee and why they are there.  Not feeling … Continue reading

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10 Ways Committees Fail 1-3

Found this committee joke on a random website: Committee: An organization that keeps minutes and loses hours. With all humor comes truth, here are some nuggets to help you avoid Fail Committee 1.  Lack of follow through Committees are teams, … Continue reading

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Prayer for Porn Addicts and Brokeness Aside

Prayer for Those Struggling with Pornography by Scotty Smith   A Prayer for Grace in the Struggle with Pornography      Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For in my inner being I delight … Continue reading

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