Dodging Bullets: Intro

Intro I love mentoring youth leaders.  Over the years I’ve mentored somewhere between 1 and 1000 fellow youth workers ranging from day one in youth ministry to the seasoned youth ministry veteran.  The stories below are true, many of them … Continue reading

Marriage 4: Empowerment

  What does power look like?  Acts 1:8. You will recieve power via holy spirit.  Empowerment is the spirit of love and service.  It comes from an other person first mindset.  You need to be empowered via the holy spirit … Continue reading

Marriage Series 3: Intimacy

  Society puts Sex before or misplaces it for intimacy.  We work in backwards way of human intimacy and it works differently in Marriage as Well.  .   Real life marriage.  1. Passion and desire  (until the first child comes)   2. Sacrifice and duty. Eph5:25. Sacrifice for each other.  Sacrifice … Continue reading

Marriage Series 2: Grace

  Grace is more than eternal salvation   Grace = a card to let one off the hook. When we work go find those nickels and dimes on our spouse and keep count of all the loose change we enter … Continue reading

Marriage Series: 1- Covenant

  Covenant is: Requisite based on the idea we are incapable to do this in our good intentions alone. No matter how hard we try, we cannot sustain marriage on Good Intentions alone.   Troth: Sacred Pledge of Trust.  (also … Continue reading

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