Combating The Doorknob Syndrome

Maybe it’s just me, but have you ever had a scheduled meeting (out of many in a day) and the individual you are meeting with seems to only make small talk.  Then, right as the meeting ends, they are about … Continue reading

Youth Worker Devotions: Minimized not Emasculated

I’m pretty sure not a week has passed so far this year without me knowing of (personally), hearing of (through friends) or communicating with (on the net)a Youth Pastor who has been let go of his church.  Something tells me … Continue reading

No Man Left Behind

The other night I caught myself almost breaking the  time tested and true practice of Leaving No Man Behind. We run our small group ministry out of a house and all of our students (male and female) meet under the … Continue reading

External vs. Internal Loci of Control

What is it?        Loci of Control is the place where an individual believes that their behavior and behavior of others is controlled.  Someone with an Internal Locus of Control will see behavior as coming from themselves.  They are the … Continue reading

Beeline to Christ through Baptism

My cousin got baptized today.  I’m especially proud of her.  Baptism in my church is not done by age, or not necessarily immediately following conversion, but when they determine for themselves that they want to pursue Christ and continue in … Continue reading

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