Remembering Columbine

14 Years Ago, the innocence of school was lost.  12 Students, 1 Teacher and 2 Gunmen’s lives were lost (yes the gunmen matter to God also).

Columbine Today from Toni DeAztlan on Vimeo.

I wasn’t there, but have the privilege of doing youth ministry near that School and where many of my students had siblings, and friends of siblings whose lives were directly impacted by that day.

12 years later, as a minister, I’m curious to know how many of us have the tools to deal with another Columbine style event near our campus.  I’ve already had to deal with 2 other school shootings since coming to Littleton, CO.

Some thoughts.

  • Get trained in how do deal with this type of event.  Training through Denver Seminary CISM Team via ICISF is excellent and may open doors for your with administrators when crisis impact a school near you.
  • Don’t self-deploy.  Police and other personnel on site are trying to figure out good guys vs bad guys.
    • Everybody needs credentialing to get into a scene like that these days.  Only go if you are invited in.
    • Being there wastes the time of the law enforcement’s time when they could be 1) Looking for other perpetrators 2) Saving lives.
  • Have a plan so you can react and use your facilities as a base of operations.
    • Water, Tissues, and other supplies on hand to be able to help your local schools out. (offer this in advance).
    • Sermons, messages, to teach and preach from to be a pastoral caregiver from the pulpit during this time.
  • Develop rapport with your local schools, let them know what you can do, and what other training or clearances you need to be helpful to them during those times.
    • This shows you care, and heightens the likelihood of you getting invited in after a crisis.
  • Get Help for yourself and your staff/volunters.

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