Recap on Goals from 2013.

2 year break from blogging

I’ve had a 2 year, 2 month break from blogging… basically covers my last few months in Denver and move to Maine and continuing career in Clinical Social Work while my calling as a youth pastor ran cold and dry….  After two years of searching post seminary, I promised my wife to move back to Maine to start a family and then see where God leads us.  As of now it’s in Maine, with an expanded family, and working in secular fields while continuing a rather passive search of being a pastor due to my word that I would help my current company set up a school based counseling program.

I made a series of Goals for 2013

Goals were broken up into writing, personal and professional.  Below I’ll list my goals and share where they are at so far this year.

Goals for upcoming year:


[X]        Get Published in Academic Journal.

Submitted one book review to Journal of Youth Ministries, was asked to review a second.  Also was asked to do research review for this same Journal.  This goal is moving along well.  I also want to submit an original article/lit review to AYME’s Journal of Youth Ministry or NACSW’s Christianity and Social WorkReading a book currently for JYM.  Going to review it next.  Have done a few personal reviews for Group/Simply Youth Ministry this past month.

I’m being published again in Fall 2015’s Journal of Youth Ministry for a review article on Ministry in Multi-faith contexts.  I’m sad at how long it took to get published again and deadlines that I blew in making it, but happy that it got completed a few months ago.

[ ]        Post 12x Per Month to Engaging the Shadows of Youth Ministry.

I’ve posted over 20 articles in again in March.  Good work, getting into a flow.  #SYMC is helping me meet this quota by supplying material.

TWO YEARS and no posts. Since my last post on 4/20, the anniversary of Columbine.

[ ]        Complete Youth Ministry Leaders Manual.

I’ve been using Mindenode pro to help organize this project.  I like the way it is looking, it is rather big right now, but am considering using Apple’s iBooks Author to develop this project.  This goal is on back burner for now.

Still there.


[ X]        Get Hired or Plan on Moving back to the Northeast.

I’ve applied to a few churches and one very exciting opportunity with Christian Union.  You should check their ministry out!   We’re also saving for a downpayment on our next house.  Not sure what our condo will do on this market, but don’t want to rely on it to succeed.  I’ve had two rounds of questionnaires and sent in references.  Back to the waiting game.  Praying hard for God’s will to be evident through this process.

I answered a questionnare from Christian Union and did not get an interview.  I still love that organizations calling.

[ ]        Read through Bible.

I’ve been doing very well in this goal.  I’m working with Reading God’s Story: One Year Plan from  I’ve entered the reading for October, which means I’ve started the New Testament (a few chapters in).  I’m 78% complete with the entire Bible; 100% with the Old Testament.

I stopped in the New Testament, did not complete this goal.  Perhaps I’ll continue and finish it this year.

[ ]        Continue wt loss goal; break through 200# barrier.

I’ve been plateauing, despite my effort before the new year and my lack thereof since, I’ve hovered between 40-50 lbs lost.  I’m hoping that getting back into the gym will kick off another spurt of weight loss.  Realized how much my workload and a regular schedule can make or kill this goal.  I’ve gained slightly and have not hit the gym or any classes as far as I can remember this past month (boo).

Stress, my workload, moving to Maine, feeling the abandonment of a stale ministry hunt killed this.  Rather than losing this weight, I gained it all back and added 5 pounds.  I did buy a bike last year and I’ve spent the past couple weeks trying to fix the back tire which continually pops… There are no good gyms in the area, by good, i mean having good classes, such as boot camp or spinning (stationary cycling) that have helped my diet and workout.  Depression sucks. Using food to cope sucks more.  Neither helps.


[ ]        Recreate DenSemCISMTeam website.

The team is discussing renaming the group, so I’m not sure how quickly I’m going to move on this project until the team develops some clarity.  However, I may start some layout and figure out how to get this up and running quickly once it does happen.  We re-uped our annual godaddy contract this past month.  Been playing around with some ideas to make this work.

This goal has run stale as well.

[ ]        Complete NIMS ICS 100

I haven’t focused on this goal recently.  It’s still there and will need some dedicated study to complete.

[ ]        Complete NIMS ICS 700

I haven’t focused on this goal recently.  It’s still there and will need some dedicated study to complete.

[ ]        Complete 1-2 Sermons per Month.

I’m playing around with a sermon on Philemon.  I’ve been more focused on my reading goal thus far, and also fasting/praying than this goal.  Been taking notes here and there which may end up as sermons later, but desire to make this a priority sooner than later.

There are a couple sermons in the early prep phase (working from Greek, and translating/graphing them into english) in some files in my desk.  I really want to complete the one I’ve been ruminating on Philemon for the past two years.  Continuing on this goal would be a good thing.

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